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The Standard

  • Software Features
  • Profile Customization
  • Customer Service
  • Pricing Structure

The Standard bills themselves as a leading provider of premium Pay Per Head services with all-inclusive pricing for $10 per head. While it is rare to find a low cost provider that also provides top shelf service, The Standard comes the closest to meeting that promise. The Standard provides all of the software features you can get from the largest providers along with fully customizable player profiles, very sharp lines and attentive customer service.  At $10 per head, The Standard should be considered one of the best values in the industry.


Software Features

The Standard’s agent software provides 28 separate administrative reports with the ability to pull performance reports, suspend and enable players, adjust wager limits, adjust weekly limits and enable or disable various wagering options. Lines at The Standard are managed by over a dozen professional lines movers keeping game lines very sharp.

The player software provides access to 80+ sports, mobile betting and live in-game wagering. The Standard also provides a free demo accessible from their Software Features page. The following features are included in The Standard’s $10 per head pricing:

  • Sportsbook
  • Racebook
  • Free Casino
  • Mobile Casino
  • Mobile Wagering
  • Phone in Wagering
  • Live In-Game Wagering
  • Full Agent Reporting
  • Mobile Reporting
  • Custom Profiles
  • Customizable Lines
  • Custom Skins Available
  • No Minimums
  • No Requirements


Profile Customization

When you first setup an account with The Standard, they will provide you with a basic profile that allows your players to bet $1,000 across all sports. While this may be sufficient for many smaller per head agents, larger agents, or agents who manage sharps, or have special betting requirements will need their player profile’s customized. In talking with The Standard’s customer service agents, they claim to have setup well over 2,000 custom profiles for their agents, and are more than willing to setup whatever you need across all of your players, even down to the individual player.


Customer Service

The Standard offers multiple ways to contact them; email, phone, live chat and even Skype. Their customer service always tries to be as helpful as possible and is quite responsive to setting up profiles and answering general account questions. While English is not their first language, the customer service reps are more than adequate at communicating with English speaking customers. Customer service hours are from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week, which covers the bulk of the day, but may leave some agents needing after hours support waiting until the morning.


Pricing Structure

The Standard has a flat rate pricing structure of $10 per head.  While they don’t require a minimum number of players, they do ask for an initial deposit of $500 when signing up, which may be a deterrent to smaller agents, however that is pretty common across the industry.  Given the level of software features and customer service provided at $10, The Standard offers one of the best values in the industry.


Contact Information


Phone: (800) 713-3979



Other Brands

The Standard appears to operate the following website in addition to their primary brand:



Some agents have reported that The Standard will setup a custom skin for your players at no additional cost. This is a nice benefit as most other pay per head providers either don’t offer custom skins, or charge an additional fee to use one.

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